Router Lift RL2.0K

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Order number: RL2.0K
Product information "Router Lift RL2.0K"

Router lift with steel reduction plates 32 & 68 mm

Product details:

  • Quality made in Germany: construction made of high-quality aluminium and steel.
  • Height fine adjustment to 1/10mm: extremely precise adjustment, with exact scaling and effective spindle lock, easily operated via hexagon socket screw.
  • Smooth-running spindle columns: allow for continuous and exact fine height adjustment.
  • Routing without rip fence: 2 drill holes for the rip fence pin enable free routing of e.g. round workpieces without rip fence.
  • Easy mounting: mount the router to the RL2.0K using pre-drilled mounting holes (hole pattern in operating instructions).
  • Absolutely flat: easy levelling of the RL2.0K by means of levelling screws in the insert plate.
  • Laser scaling: millimeter scale on the surface for exact alignment of the rip fence.
  • No need to drill your own holes: mounting holes (countersunk head) for quick router table installation are already pre-drilled.

Special feature of the 2nd generation:

  • The magnetic reduction plates offer more choice and control in choosing the right hole size. Perfectly adapted to the size of the router cutter - especially for small workpieces, "getting stuck and stuck" at the edge of the hole is eliminated.
  • Magnets for attaching additional accessories are distributed over the entire reduction plate.
  • Additional recessed grip for easy changing of the reduction plates.

Compatible Routers:

  • Bosch: POF1200AE, POF1300, POF1400ACE , GOF1250CE/LCE, GMF1600CE, GOF1600CE
  • Casals: CT2200VCE
  • DeWalt: DW615, DW621, DW622, DW624, DW625
  • Elu: MOF96(E), MOF97(E), MOF131, MOF177(E), MOF 177/02 Type 2
  • Festool: OF1400
  • Freud: FT2000 (Diabolo), FT2200VCE
  • Mafell: LO 65 EC
  • Makita: RP1110
  • Perles: OF3-808(RE), OF9(E)
  • Trend: T5, T10, T11
  • Würth: OF1100E

Exceptions: ELU MOF 96/02 (no tapped holes available), Festool OF2000, OF2200 and DeWalt DW626 (these are too large in the entire circumference and cannot be fitted into the lift construction).

Technical Data:

  • Dimension insert plate: 298 x 235 x 9 mm
  • Corner radius of insert plate: 6 mm
  • Distance from the top edge of the inlay plate to the base plate of the mounted router: 15 mm (loss of routing depth)
  • Height adjustment travel/rotation: 4 mm
  • Height router lift (max. extended): 240mm
  • Max. cutter diameter: 86 mm
  • Max. adjustment travel: 105 mm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg

Delivery includes:

  • 1x router lift RL2.0
  • 2x reduction plates Ø 32 and 68 mm
  • 1x hexagon screwdriver 5x150 mm
  • 4x fixing screws M6x50, washers and nuts
  • 18x mounting screws (various sizes)
  • 8x levelling screws M5x8
  • 1x instruction manual (german & english)

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