Insert Plate IP2.0-TP predrilled for routers

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Order number: IP2.0-TP
Product information "Insert Plate IP2.0-TP predrilled for routers"

Premium insert plate with magnetic steel reduction plates 32 & 68 mm

Product details:

  • Predrilled holes fit for Trend T11 and Trend T5, Perles OF3-808(RE), Perles OF9(E), Elu MOF 96 (E), ELU MOF97(E), ELU MOF131 and ELU MOF177(E), DeWalt DW615, DeWalt DW621, DeWalt DW622, DeWalt DW624 and DeWalt DW625, Makita RP1110 and Würth OF1100E    (not suitable for Elu MOF96/02)
  • Quality Made in Germany: high-quality and robust
  • Solid aluminium with 9 mm thickness
  • Including 2 reduction plates made of galvanized, 2 mm thick steel
  • Mounting holes available for mounting on the router table
  • Inlet for reducing plates slightly chamfered for a perfect transition
  • Includes hole for free router pin (to be purchased separately) for working with curved workpieces
  • Scale for exact positioning of the rip fence
  • Levelling screws for exact adjustment in the router table included

* The threaded holes drilled in the base plate of each router must always be at least 115 mm apart in order to avoid getting into the area of the insert rings when fixing the router to the insert plate.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 306 x 229 x 9 mm
  • Ø Cutter openings: 32 and 68 mm (further diameters up to 98 mm separately expandable)

Delivery includes:

  • Insert plate IP2.0-TP
  • 2x reduction plates (32 mm and 68 mm)
  • Mounting screws
  • Levelling screws
  • Assembly instructions

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